Peripheral IV Using Ultrasound
CHISON international clinical expert Soni will present a professional online webinar about Peripheral IV Using Ultrasound and training on the clinical application of vascular. Let's learn more about CHISON's dedicated clinical solutions in vascular!
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Principios básicos de ecografía abdominal con SonoEye | Spanish
As an advanced medical device, SonoEye can also provide premium solutions in a wide variety of animal healthcare. Dr. Eduardo Trujillo Moore will bring professional training on the basic principle of ultrasonic abdomen examination, showing a more accurate and efficient diagnosis SonoEye could reach.
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Venous duplex scanning in lower members
Spanish | Conceptos fisiopatologicos de la insuficiencia venosa en m. inf y su relacion con examen de ultrasonografia doppler

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Clinical Value of Handheld Ultrasound
Why do we need a handheld ultrasound? Not just beacuse of its great portability, but also we have to consider the cost, practicality and ease of use. Dr. Jerome, Chief Radiologist from the Philippines has shared with all our audience with a precious experience on professional clinical support using CHISON premium handheld ultrasound - SonoEye.
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