SonoEye P3

  • Basic Specification
    2.5MHz, Phased Array
  • Applications
    Cardiac, ABD, Lung
  • Display Mode
    B Mode | M Mode | Color Mode | PW Mode | CPA Mode | DPD Mode | 2B Mode
·  Product Description: Handheld Ultrasound Machine SonoEye P3
·  Model: Phased array probe
·  Frequency: 2.5Mhz
·  Displaying Mode: Support B, C, PW, M, CPA, DPD, 2B Mode
·  Waterproof Standard:IP67 (Support immersive disinfection)
·  Functions: Auto EFPW AutoTrace, SonoBladder, Professional lung software, Auto HR, SonoColor, SonoRemote, Remote Service, QR Scan, HIPPA. etc
·  Languages: Support 7 languages
·  Button: Programmable buttons
·  Transmission: Support DICOM & Network storage.

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  • /Cardiac, B Mode
    Cardiac, B Mode
  • /LV, M Mode
    LV, M Mode
  • /BAV, B Mode
    BAV, B Mode
  • /Cardiac, PW Mode
    Cardiac, PW Mode
  • /Cardiac ASD, B Mode
    Cardiac ASD, B Mode
  • /Cardiac ASD,C Mode
    Cardiac ASD,C Mode
  • /PE, B Mode
    PE, B Mode
  • /Lung,B Mode
    Lung,B Mode